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Andrew M. en


This place was rundown, not at all professional, or welcoming. I will absolutely not be returning here.

Tyler S. en


No fault of the location here, as I used the phone based check out. But... there was an issue with UHaul's system - I arrived at noon, but the online checkout wouldn't work. It was acting like I was too early to check out. After trying it a few times, having my wife come back so she could try it, I called U-Haul and they found that there was a problem with the system, where it thought it was actually 6a local time or something. This added about 30-45 minutes to my check out time, when I should have been moving. Then, there was an issue with the mileage and fuel level of the truck. The check out expected the truck's mileage to be like... 71000-something with a 3/4 full tank. It was instead 73000-something, with a full tank. So I had to call in again.... take some pictures, email them... And the fella on the other end wasn't sure what to make of it other than to "put in a note". This would come back to bite me later at check-in... The truck was very clean and in great shape however. The window sign was annoying as I had to fold it up and it was taking up space in the cab/ Overall very unsatisfied with the phone based self-checkin. It took more than an hour to pick up the vehicle, during which time I should have been moving.