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David C.

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Kathleen S.

They need better signage on where to drop off the vehicle. The drop box for the key was very hard to find in the dark. It's on a post not well lit surrounded by large empty parking lots and building. There were no other U-Haul trucks there so it took us quite some time to find the right place to return the truck and then find the lock box.


My only complaint was after I loaded the trailer it swerved all over the road I pulled into a uhaul station on rye 2 in n Kingstown to I asked the attendant to check the air pressure in the tires he said there is no need to you just loaded the trailer wrong I asked again and he told me he had been doing this for 30 yrs and he knew what he was doing. I repacked the trailer and started off100 miles later the right rear tire blew and you came out and changed the tire and rim. The trailer pulled perfectly from that point on. This could have been corrected by a simple pressure check

Thomas C.

Franco was kind and very accommodating. The key box drop-off made it quick and easy. Very satisfied!!

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