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Kyuontia J. en


El cliente no dejó un comentario.



Keep up the good work

Terry W. en


Used 101 Goldsboro st. Pikeville nc



I think all the trucks should have ramps on them.The small truck that I got did not have a ramp and there where no dolly's to rent there. The people that rented me the truck were nice enough to let me Barrow teirs from Their business. I am 65 and it was difficult to load and unload the truck with No ramp...

Thaquoris P. en


Staff was great!

William H. en


Make it known when reservations are made that ID needs to be uploaded to website. Gave the option online, but didn't make mandatory, then when we got there to pick truck up, it took about a extra 30 minutes for the cashier to get my ID to load to the site. Convenience is everything. Other than that, perfect experience.

Tremonteo S. en


The UHAUL website was down or frozen which made renting the equipment virtually impossible. The representative said there was nothing they could do and the website was probably down at every nearby location. They need to have a paper contract on hand just incase the system freezes up.