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Venkata Narasimh P. en


El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Billie F. en


Be on time




Madeline S. en


The place was in the middle of a junk yard. The man gave me and my friend the hardest time while picking up the truck. He lied about how much gas was in the truck, it was basically on E. When my friend went back inside to ask for the papers that we were supposed to receive he told her she was to not step foot back in there and that we are to call. Also, now looking at the paperwork he gave me, he selected to have safe move for an additional $50 that I never said I wanted to pay for. I spoke with uhaul a few times because the places that I needed to pick up were not available and they were calling me to let me know. The lady I spoke to was very nice but uhaul needs to look into the places they allow to pick up and drop off a little bit better. The pick up place felt like you were going to get abducted or killed. Yeah

carletha W. en


Contact the customers that there is a discrepancy and if the customer can contact the facility to discuss the problem and not just go into their account without permission ????

Doug A. en


Im handicapped and got xharged for someone picking up the truck and for days it sat here waiting for them to pick it up. Thats not right at all

Youssouf K. en


They are scamming people over there

kandas H. en


They did not have my reservation. The person handling the Uhaul part was not there. The other guy could not find the key for the truck. The location was literally a junkyard so I was confused on how they were conducting business in such a messy place. This made me fear giving my card information to them. I would not go back to this location.



waited more than an hour for store manager to arrive. and open the store. Still awaiting to be made whole by refunding me what i was overcharged!