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Vanessa L.

Gary seems to be very dishonest.

Linda C.

Sketchy location- found out lots of robbery in that area

George R.

Do less time in releasing truck to be rented. It took me about 30 minutes before rental was released to me. Secondly, inform right amount of fuel before releasing vehicle. Fuel gauge was about 3/8 instead of 1/2 as informed. Thirdly, upon return of rental, make sure fuel charged to customer is right. I only used a total of about 12 miles and was charged $31.50 for fuel!!! I can say the service rep. was nice but sorry to say service was poor due to my above complaints. My previous rental service with uhaul my whole life have always been excellent.

Lorraine A.

My location was not the location l needed, l had to travel to get this rental at the last day...l had no idea after l made my reservation. I had to pay for someone else lien that happened in 2002 in which was not my issue, l had no idea and the person who the lien had no recollection, this was not fair to me the rent person. Never will use U-Haul for long distance, to over priced and l didn't deserve to pay for someone else lien. To over priced..this company only good for short distance moving. Very unhappy but who cares how l feel. I gave location poor rate, because l did not live near this area, l should have least got a discount for my time and gas l used to pick up this truck. I person though at pick up was super nice!

Emmanuel O.

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