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Sheila D. en


I was directed to a site 18.8 miles from my house according to a Garmin device. I had selected a site (U-Haul location) that was only 3.7 miles from my location. The "owner" unlocked the door as I approached. This contractor does business in the wireless communication, illegal paraphilla (scales, tobacco grinders, pot-type statues, snack item, etc). It was obvise that the truck had been dropped off at site across from location which I had to cross a busy intersection. If I hadn't noticed the requested utility dolly in store, I would NOT have had it. He never mentioned it. I was charged for insurance ($42) for which I did not request. Gas tank was only 1/2 tank but was informed upon return that it should have been 7/8 of a tank. I felt U-Haul sent me to a site that was not safe & put me in danger & was not what I had requested.