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Testimonios de clientes recientes de Postal Annex 97

Clasificación general:

Superb customer service. Very friendly and efficient.

Allen P.

Customer service was extremely rude and up to your face. They had a really bad attitude and very unfriendly face. The car was really dirty and the side mirrors where is such a dirty that I could not see anything from the back and it was very dangerous I asked if I can have a towel or a paper towel or something they gave me a very small Wipe that he was not even enough to clean your eye glasses. Then I had to use my jacket to wipe the mirrors to avoid accident. Never ever rent a car from this location. There really made me disappointed I never ever recommend anyone to rent a car or anything from U-Haul on Clayton Road.

Alicia P.

Was very friendly. Quick drop off. Very satisfied.

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