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Heather C.

More accurate mileage and gas for contact

ravi kiran V.

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Chase R.

After 30 min rahmet finally admitted he had no idea what he was doing and was incapable of renting me the truck. The man proceeds to hand me the laptop where i then signed into his dealer net account and had to use support to fill out and create the contract. After an hour and learning how to use a system ive never seen before i was able to pay for and dispatch the truck where the man argues with me about price and that i did something wrong even though everything was in order and ready to go. He refused to give me the keys even though a full copy of the contract was on his computer. Which in the process we were calling each other every name in the book just shy of racism. He finally makes a call while im on hold with support where we reached a uhaul tech who told him the truck was paid for and already reading dispatched where he then threw the keys at me and told me to leave. The store was incompetent the manager blatantly was letting people steal all while letting me set up his dealer account. Ive never hated a situation more in my life nor have i ever got to that point without fighting someone. Take the trucks away from this store and put them somewhere with people who know what they are doing.

max carlos F.

They are crooks I did 5 miles bill be 35 miles I piss and I am fighting this

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