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michael V. en


No assistance with hooking trailer up. Trailer wheels were in holes on ground rather than on level surface. Was hard to maneuver the trailer to get it onto the hitch. No instructions were given for how to hook it up seemed like a safety concern as I had never pulled a trailer before. Didn't ask if I had any questions or needed any assistance. I asked her about hook up and she just said something to the effect of "don't let the chains drag too low".

Marvin S. en


Very slow service. I was charged for two days on a rental because i was 20 min over the 24 hr rental but stood in line for 45 min to finish the return. Definately will not return if this is how you treat customers.

Jada M. en


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Michael T. en


The store across the street at 1200 Hwy 72 W owns both locations. The lady at 1201 had to go to 1200 to close me out. Been easier to drop trailer off at 1200 Hwy 72 W

danielle O. en


I had to go to THREE locations to get one uhaul. Very unorganized. They first reserved me for a uhaul that was apparently “reported stolen” even though the keys were on the hook and the truck was parked outside, they could not sell it to me. Was sent to another location... nobody arrived for 20 minutes, couldn’t get that uhaul because keys weren’t there. Had to drive 45 minutes to Athens the next day to pick up the Uhaul at a gas station. The workers apparently had no idea that I was coming and they acted very frustrated to have to help me out. I’m not someone who ever writes bad reviews but this experience was so awful it needed to be shared.

Anthony M. en


I would never recommend this to anyone. I rented a 15 ft. Uhaul and when I got there they said they did not have one. They had several 10 ft. trucks and several 26 ft trucks. I asked for a 10 ft. truck in it's place. They said those were already rented to someone else. Then a little later they said when you rent a truck you are not guaranteed a certain size when you show up. So I wasn't understanding why my truck wasn't guaranteed, but the others behind me were guaranteed their 10 ft. truck and they wouldn't let me have it. That made no sense at all to me. This process took at least an hour and I ended up with the 26 ft truck that I did not want, and did not need. Horrible, horrible experience. I will use Penske going forward.