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Donald S.

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Michael M.

This equipment location was far from my house and there was no one to help attach the trailer. If you don't know much about trailers all those connections can be intimidating and potentially dangerous. There were many pieces of equipment showing up on your web site that had better locations but for some reason you insisted that I go to one 35 min from my house.

Consuelo C.

I could get my deposit back and was given a hand written note that I turned in the truck.

Darryl G.

The people at Uhaul in Olathe Kansas are screw ups. I had to drive from Shawnee KS to KCMO to rent my truck. There were no pads as promised and the truck needed to be swept out. I was charged $60 for insurance I declined, and $10 for pads I never got, but had requested. This was paperwork that began in KS. I received a $70 refund from the Bloomington IL Uhaul manager. Do I get to rate the Olathe KS Uhaul folks since I unfortunately began my perilous journey with them? If you need to practice the Christian virtues of patience and forgiveness, you should do business with the Olathe KS Uhaul folks. They will provide you with ample opportunity. The kid in KC MO was a bit unsure as to what he was doing. It took him a long time to get his paperwork together.

Kailisha K.

Never ever, ever again have sub locations that are not directly U-haul owned. These people know nothing about U-haul systems. I STOOD IN LINE FOR AN HOUR+. Then I didnt even get the truck that I ordered. This was a rediculous, horrible experience. If I had a choice between anybody else to help me move, I will choose that option.

Tim B.

I already called and made a complaint to U-haul customer service: Corporate should not allow any day before switch of pick up location without making it seamless to the customer. Midtown was the worst retail experience i've had in years--I won't rent U-haul at any location in Kansas City again and will likely inform social media websites being bumped back many many times by Midtown clerk to allow other customers to buy drinks, chips, cigarettes, etc. You can call me and let me know what you're doing to resolve these problems. Tim Batman 952 593-1999

James B.

The original drop off location was closed. Customer service rerouted us to another drop location. It was a connivence store. The windows and doors were covered with bars. The clerk inside was wearing a gun. We were not comfortable there. It took nearly an hour to get the return processed as the clerk didn't really know what to do and had to ring up sales for other customers. ??

Daniel W.

Was not at all ideal for dropping off a large truck. Was not easily accessible for large trucks.


They didn't make sure Give a person 8 knowledge when they drive the car piece of paper So they could know how much now as they did..

Phillips N.

Terrible location. Had to wait 30 mins before we can get the truck. Workers spent their time talking behind the counter and did not help. They also forgot to include the dolly that I paid for. Very disappointed. I'd rather drive farther to a legit Uhaul branch.

Patrcia M.

nothing everything was great it was awesome good customer service skills the place is clean everything was nice and they was nice ?? ??????

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