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Sangmin H.

I used uhual truck service more then few times now. And this was the worst I ever experienced. Booked truck and moving helper service month before. Found out day before move that... due to glitch in the uhual website, helper did not get booked. Also truck is down so I have to pick it up from other place. And only place available is 20km away from spot that I booked. Sure gave me 50$ credit... 98 cent per km, soooooo basically covered millage and fuel money credit... how about downtown traffic that I had to seat through? And due to new site to pick up the truck is satelite one, equipments I requested wasnt even there. Gentleman worked at site wasnt even there, so I was late for appointments. Trying to give me 'free' extra hours for inconvenience by charging me extra day. And on return, he wasnt even in the office, found out actually gave me extra hours with day charge(called 1800 number and fixed). So....... next time.... before I jump back to uhual I will try to find other truck rental. Now you guys will be my last one on the list.

Robert P.

Train your affiliates. These people were only open for 4 days and clearly had no training. Also the rep I spoke with on the phone needs to drop the attitude.

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