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Laura H. en


I thought this place had personnel, but it just had a key drop box. I was able to use the app to do the return and it was easy to use. May want to update information, so people will know that there are no personnel at this location. Just app check in and check out.

Lacretia B. en


El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Lequchia T. en


When I arrived to the pick up locaton, the man that I spoke with told me the truck was ready and that the door was open and keys on the seat, there was no one there nor were there any keys on the seat and the truck door was locked, I called him back and he told me that his guy had to leave, he asked me to wait a while I waited for about 2 hours went back and still the same thing door locked no keys, I called again he asked me to go to another location, I was on my way to that location, he called me and asked me to change directions, I went to another store picked up the truck and I went back to his location to get the tow dolly, when I arrived there was a person there and he switched out the truck and the dolly. there was no paperwork no inspection of the vehicle, yet there was damage to the truck. when I arrived to the drop off location they wanted to charge me for the damage, I called the u-haul guy back and he said not to worry that he would take care of it, when he called the drop off location he told them the opposite which was that I did damage the truck. he needs to be out of business for the crooked way he operates his company, he should not be allowed to rent uhaul he give them a bad name.