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Wayne A.

It was a bit hard to figure out where to park the truck. There was no sign or any indication of where we were supposed to leave the truck. And the drop box for the key took awhile to find. Its a good thing that this was a safe neighborhood because we dropped the truck off at night and it was very very dark and I didn't feel very comfortable with the area.

Phyllis M.

Have rented UHaul before and although I did not have a problem with the service at the Pick Up Location, I do have a problem with the initial booking in that I was booked to pick up at a location closer to my starting point, received confirmation, and then received a change i the pick up location notice a few days thereafter, making it more inconvenient to pick up the truck. When I called customer service to see why it was changed, was told that it happens because customers book at various locations, etc. I asked if there was someone I could talk to about this and the customer service rep told me there was a number to call, but I would be waiting about an hour until I could talk to someone. I do not, nor do most people, have that kind of time to wait on the phone to speak with someone.

Bailie K.

I made an online reservation to pick up a uhaul truck For 2 days, When I showed up they told me to go to another location The day of and told me they did not have any trucks for me . Did not receive any notifications about the location changed. Had to drive 20 minutes out of my way to a car wash, when I showed up, there was the uhaul just sitting in the front of a car wash, with nobody nearby, no keys, truck unlocked and full of garbage. 2 minutes after pulling up some man just comes up to me and hands me keys. And walks away. Then later I get an email saying I never picked up the uhaul and my order was canceled. Then when I go to return my uhaul they could not find my name cause the order was canceled. This was the most stressful 2 days of renting a uhaul I have ever had. Will never be usuing uhaul again. And will tell all my friends and family not to rent from here

albert C.

The cab was very dirty . It was not sanitized for COVID-19. Tank was half full. Air conditioning was terrible. It stunk of cigarettes.


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