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Jeffery N.

Uhaul offered an incentive of $200 off if we dropped the truck off at this location so that was set as our drop-off location in the app it is also a gas station so I went inside to fill the truck up but was informed that we could not drop the truck off because they didn't want to move the trucks around to make a spot for it in there tiny parking lot but I had just gotten done with a 13 hour drive and then and extra 45 min out of my way to drop the truck at the location uhaul had given me so I filled the truck up with fuel and checked the truck in on the app and went and gave the keys to the lady inside because they didn't have a drop box like they were supposed to or a pickup key box, so don't book a truck after store hours to get on the app because you won't be able to get the keys, and she ran out of the store yelling at me and demanded to see the email stating the drop-off location and I showed her on the app then when she was marking off the condition of the truck on her phone she went to put that it was dirty and that was not true so I called her out on it so she changed it because she was mad and wanted to charge me extra I assume and then finally after arguing about the drop-off for 30 min I was able to leave. Do not rent or drop off at this location if you can help it.

Tyler R.

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Roy H.

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Lawrence T.

When I arrive I used Share 24/7 to check out, but when I went inside to get the key to the truck, the cashier stated they do not do 24/7 and they would have to process the checkout. When they did, the truck showed unavailable since I already completed the check out. A manager was called, and he said I could not have the truck. As I was calling UHaul from the location, the manager had reached someone that understood Share 24/7 and I was able to get the key. This took about 45 minutes...which was already after I could not pickup up my reserved truck at the location I reserved it at, because the truck was not returned. An overall 2 hour process that should have been 10 minutes.

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