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scott R.

Rev King was superb. Extremely helpful in teaching me how to load car on to trailer and securing it with the ratchet. Very hard to see location. Almost no signage at all. Could not tell it was a uhaul place because there is almost no Signs.

Rick M.

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jemermy G.

The interior of the cab had the scent of a dog and had animal hair in it. Although I initially requested contactless pickup at another location at 7:30 am, I was switched to this location about 33 hours or less prior to my scheduled pickup to a location that was not equipped to handle contactless pickup to an 8:30 am time, and the location did not open until 9 am. All of these changes were made with prior consultation. I arrived at 7:45 am and did not leave with the truck until 10:15 am. The UHaul "dispatch" I called twice after 8:15, Tiffany, told me twice that there was someone in the building and he was coming out momentarily. The gentleman, Dave, was not in the building and did not arrive at the location until just after 9:00 am. He had told me his first UHaul pickup on the schedule the night before was at 9:15 am. Further, I was not able to pay with my credit card because of an "internal error" from UHaul's payment software and needed to pay with cash, thus I had to put down an additional $100 for the deposit, that I still have not received back after returning the truck. This was an extremely poor customer service experience through and through, and although Dave at Kings In Trucking did the best he could given the situation, it was clear the complete lack of communication and incompetence was on the organizational practices of and systems at UHaul. It is most especially irritating because I was led to believe the contactless pickup would be more convenient and faster. I did not receive that and also lost at least three hours of my time and maybe even the $100 deposit on the truck, as I have my doubts whether or not UHaul be able to carry out sending the check back competently.

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