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Earl S. en


Chris was excellent! Very personable and willing to help.

Sharese P. en


Drop off should be available at ANY UHaul contractor. This place was almost 30-40 minutes away from my storage unit, who I might add, did NOT allow for the free month of storage as FALSELY ADVERTISED upon making my reservation online. When speaking to the U-Haul representative I inquired about any possible catch to this because there was none mentioned in the fine print. She mentioned it would be only limited to AVAILABILITY, which is totally understandable. The first call I made was to Metts storage in New Bern and they told me the THIRD month was free. U-Haul does NOT make notice of this, and I made the storage facility aware as well. Of course I called and spoke to another representative who repeated to me what I knew of the free month being restricted to availability. She then offered to search for other storage facilities and in doing so, the first one she mentioned was the SAME ONE I’d already called and I told her so. She then tells me it was my own choice to refuse their offer and I tell her, nowhere in U-Haul’s advertisement does it say, “free storage *dependent upon storage facility policy*”.. The offer is extremely misleading and for the representative to tell me it was my own choice to refuse the storage facility’s offer was awfully ballsy of her considering she was about to walk me right back into the same problem anyway. Moving is already expensive and I was kind of counting on that free month because I wasn’t even needing a unit that long and I thought that was the most convenient and appealing part in making the reservation anyway. I was about to cancel after the inconvenience of having to drive out of the way to get the truck as it was, which if I’m not mistaken, I thought you all owed me $50 for THAT inconvenience, but I kept it because that free storage would’ve come in handy. I will make sure NOT to refer anyone I know

Michael S. en


The man that did the contract and hooked up auto transport must HV had a tough day, not not sociable not friendly. I was surprised he charged me $20 to hook up auto transport to my van. I am paraplegic and could not hook up auto transport myself.



nothing Chris was great

David L. en


Good place just hard to find

Brett B. en


This facility is an hour away from me but I will return here to rent from now on.

Jamie I. en


Ya'll were Great!!!!