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Yeheskel B.

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Junaid R.

Over charge me for no reason, I wiat 45 minute on location to pickup the truck, And at the end yoi guys over charge me

Kenisha B.

All customer service should listen to the customer and then assist if they can. Accusing or blaming the customer for the issue when you didn't listen is not fair when we are doing what we are instructed. Another thing, if you are transferring us to someone else, put that information in the system that you told the person that because a lady yelled at me and refused to listen because whatever the previous person told me to tell her (im not sure if she just did not want to do it or what) is stupid and if i had followed instructions (which i did before even calling) this issue would not have occurred. I think all staff should be aware of all locations so they can give the correct information; because the lady that yelled at me was saying how i should be able to go inside and the location will do it..what inside? there is none...apparently this location that according to someone at customer service, was incomplete so you can only mobile pick up as there is no counter pick up BUT the location address on uhaul system doesn't match the gps location address (maybe you guys should gps your locations then apply the address online because that is frustrating when nothing works). Be patient and listen to the customer so you can actually help like the lovely lady Vanessa did.

Jason J.

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