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Robert P. en


El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Roland W. en


Great service

Lydia F. en


The cashier at the store where the U-Haul drop off was didn't know anything about the U-Haul location and said they couldn't help so we just dropped off the trailer and left it. We got the receipt later and it looks like they took care of everything for us.Overall was fine but the person working could have been more helpful.

Gerald M. en


The Pick-up service was fine, what I didn't appreciate, was my having to drive 60-70mi. out of my way, to get the trailer. The location was off the interstate, over a mountain, on small, narrow country roads. 3hrs later, I reached my destination. U-Haul should give me a discount, for my time and 1/2 tank of gas. I had reserved this trailer, a month a head, plus there were 3-4 major cities around the interstate, with 2-3 U-Haul dealers, in each city. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT SITUATION, REAL PAIN IN THE ASS!!!

Dawn M. en


Extremely friendly and helpful. Hooked up the trailer and made sure it was tight/safe. Gave us tips on how to drive with a trailer hooked up.