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Jae Ung J. en


The lady at the location was kind, but she seemed not ready to deal with technical stuff.

Ronald V. en


The process of renting a vehicle was confusing(on the part of the gentleman trying to navigate the tablet) and took almost an hour. All said and done, we were given an "in town only" vehicle for a long distance one way request - and since he did not know how to print out the contract, he told us just to leave w/out signing anything and he would accept responsibility. When we arrived at our destination, we were informed that we had to drive the vehicle back as it was an "in town only". Somebody up the food chain worked it out and we did not have to drive it all the way back and were charged what we were originally told. U Haul was very efficient , thorough and timely in rectifying the issue. In fairness to the individual who rented me the "in town only" vehicle, he could not have been more cordial and well intentioned - just not very fluid when it came to the tablet but I've since heard that U Haul had instituted a new system and he may not have been too far along the learning curve, they are a small operator and he probably has not had many opportunities.

Carla R. en


The man that rented me the truck didn't know what he was doing. I was the only customer and it took him over 30 minutes to complete the transaction which made me late for the movers. I had to pay them for another half hour. I even had to load my pads into the truck. Finally, I had the cash in hand and he charged the credit card anyway

kara H. en


It was a horrid experience, I waked in the guy was half asleep. I said “I’m here to pick up a 26’ uhaul truck”... he said okay go take the lock off it and bring it to me and told me the code! WHAT? He didn’t ask for my name, NOTHING! I could have been anyone. Not to mention he was half asleep he couldn’t even come do some proper customer service and come take his lock off! It was so horrid, the back of the truck was COVERED in dirt. But the truck itself was so UNSAFE, when I dropped off at the Drop off location I had to proceed to tell the guy (drop off location was a excellent experience) that when you push the brakes the truck revs all the way up and doesn’t stop... I HAD MY CHILD IN THAT UHAUL TRUCK! So disappointed, unsafe and horrible I can’t even believe I had to pay for this.