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Vianca P. en


First of all the person in charge of the rentals was not in and another employee who was not trained to do uhaul rentals is the person who helped me which I am very thankful he was able to. But the system crashed while he was pulling up my reservation. Then a field manager Kaseem had to call because my contract had not started. Very nice people there but I digest more employees be trained because the man that helped me tried his best but the computer crashed on him and that’s not his fault.

David N. en


My pickup was for 9am. I get there and there is no lockbox no one to help. I call U-Haul they then tell me someone will come at 10. I’m stuck waiting till 10 then a person comes to open up shop then proceeds to tell me the person with the key will not come till 11. I’m stuck waiting around the guy comes just to call another person as I tell him all I need it the key. Two hours wasted in my day. Not professional this needs to be addressed. There is no excuse for tardiness.