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Nicholas P. en


El cliente no dejó un comentario.

rachelle t. en


This location was convenient and had a few items I needed to complete my move (tape, a few large boxes, and tape gun). I would say this place was fast got me in in out.

Brianna R. en


i returned my u haul, and was charged for triple amount of mileage that i actually did. i'm assuming that one if the employees uses the truck for personal use and over charges customers to make up for the miles. never coming here again. i called the uhaul company and was able to get a refund.

Simone S. en


Thank you so much for making my rental experience a pleasant one



One of the better experiences I have had while renting a uhaul the clerk was fast and friendly. I will definitely rent from here in the future

Robert C. en


The shopkeeper could not show up on time to work, then called me (after I had spent twenty minutes waiting for the shopkeeper) to ask me if I still wanted my rental truck. After the shopkeeper's call, I immediately went back to the store / rental location. I then waited in line for 45 minutes to receive my rental truck keys. The shopkeeper was unapologetic, curt, and dismissive.

Ralph F. en


Customers need complete information up front so that they can make informed decisions - very disappointed with how long it took to rent a truck. Do not plan on returning to that location.

kewaski j. en


The trucked beeped the entire time I had it while we was driving I put the gas back on half a tank and they charged me for gas.

Bizuayehu B. en


The store supposed to be opened at 9:00 am, but it was opened at 9:35 The estimated price which was $93 increased to $174, I understood that because of the increased mile. But now after 4 days I found out that I have been double charged both $174 and $93 .

Kelvin M. en


My experience was HORRIBLE !! However it was more on the U haul customer service dept NOT the copy Cat center . I returned the truck to the center and then abt 3 days later I start receiving calls from the U-Haul call center stating I have not turned in the equip and would be charged for theft of the Truck ( WTF ! ) i advised i had turned the equip in and it is sitting at the location ( i drive by every day !!) The uhaul rep stated they have been calling the location but no one picks up and the order is still open in system . I advised the rep and her manger that i have turned in the truck and it is horrible cust service to call the cust and threat theft when they cant reach the center to confirm !! It is not my fault that uhaul could not reach the center to get the ticket closed !!! I then went up to the copy center and called uhaul from there . The copy center stated they have a call log and never show that Uhaul has ever called them !! I put the 2 on the phone and they get into a very heated argument and then the copy center rep hung up and then apologized . U haul never called back to apologize or anything !! VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE WAY THE UHAUL CALL CENTER TREATED ME THE INNOCENT CUSTOMER .

Teaisha J. en


Great customer service ????????????



I was charged for two days when I only kept the truck 3 hours. And a 50 dollar cleaning fee for a dirty truck that wasn't inspected by the representative when we got it. When I suggested that the representative check before renting out trucks she hung up in my face. I called 1800UHUAL to get help and my case is pending.



Fix the phone system