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Train the employee to understand the job. I arrived and talked to the worker and he right away said he don't have a truck for me. I had to explain to him that I was just told to pick up the truck from him. I had to wait 30min to get started with the process because he didn't know what to do [thank God I did the did all the paperwork before hand and paid]. He had to call his trainer or something to go through the verification process. I had to get on the phone to talk to a guy "Joey" to verify and finish the process. I was told a different rate as if I was doing a whole new order. He told me that I was to get the better rate and that I would be charged, reimbursed and recharged the new rate. I still have not seen any reimbursement happen in my bank account. By the time I was done it was an hour or so past my pick up time and I showed up early too. Very bad service.

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Counter person did not seem to know what he was doing. We had reserved a dolly that we never got. We were supposed to get miles for free because we had to drive extra miles because a truck was not available in Oshkosh. We did not get credited for that. Horrible experience.