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Wanda S. en


They charged me for cleaning the truck when it was nothing to clean!

Kimberla F. en


Cab had Ltd of dog hair. Should have been vacuumed.

Steven K. en


Only negative was none of the power outlets worked, but I managed, no worries.

Norman W. en


Figure out how to do your job. Staff was very unhelpful. Called customer service to get 3 people who didnt know what to do. Thought we had it taken care of but didnt. called again and got transferred to 4 people. All I needed was to do an even exchange on trailers. Then I was nearly refused to give me a 10% discount for the inconvenience. While moving in the SNOW going to 3 different stores because of an error on UHAUL'S account.

Christopher D. en


First, Haider rushed me to his location. When I arrived he had customers in his office, why was I rushed? Then I didn’t get out of his office till about 5:15 when my pick up was at 430! When renting the truck, Sunday was my return time and I missed it because I had to take my son to the emergency room. I was told that I needed a card on file and that it would not be charged. When returning the truck, I was a day late, I used my wife’s card to pay the total and my card was ran 2 days after placing my account in the negative! When I found out about the charge i called Haider and explained to him what happened. He then proceeded to tell me to come to his office to go over the info, he has not showed up for over 2 hours making me miss time at work! This location and service is a really bad reflection on what uhaul stands for. I still need to contact uhaul to get this figured out!

Edward C. en


This is a new location and the owner Haider is great to work with. He is attentive even though he is a new u-haul location. He does take a little extra time but he is very thorough.

patti V. en


I guess they are new to Uhaul but it took over 2 hours to get my trailer. They may need more training. Beside the fact I had to drive 20 miles to get my trailer when there were mutiple dealers a lot closer!!

Chanel Z. en


First of all. This place was not my choice. Uhaul changed my reservations. The employees had no clue what they were doing. I pre reserved everything for a quick in and out and a 10 mins pick up turned into 45 mins.