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6720 Cleveland Hwy   Clermont, GA 30527

(770) 983-3404

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  • Lun. - vie.: 9:30 a. m. - 4:30 p. m.
  • Sáb. - dom.: cerrado

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(770) 983-3404

6720 Cleveland Hwy
Clermont, GA 30527

Servicios en esta ubicación:

Horarios de la ubicación

  • Lun. - vie.: 9:30 a. m. - 4:30 p. m.
  • Sáb. - dom.: cerrado

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I had fueled the vehicle before returning and they still tried to charge me for fuel Overall experience was terrible. Your roadside assistance providers were poor in service and your representative were just trying to passify situation but not trying to resolve the issue.

Christine D. 

1.) I reserved this truck from the Baldwin location because I was headed SOUTH; one day before, I was notified that this truck was now located in Clermont, 20 miles in the wrong direction! I had to pay my helpers almost an extra HOUR apiece because of this change, and I had to buy several gallons of extra gas, which you charged me by the mile for. An added expense that I shouldn't have had to bear. 2.) The tank was under 1/4 tank; I was to refill it above that mark and bring ibn my receipt for gas purchased and I would be reimbursed for the difference. I was never reimbursed. 3.) The truck was making a weird noise when we left; so when we stopped to fill the tank we found the oil was a couple quarts low. There were no instructions about what oil to replace it with, and we were concerned about the engine THE WHOLE DAY. 4.) The floor inside the back of the truck was slick, like something oily or greasy had dripped on the metal floor. I had to get some Dawn dishwashing soap and a bucket to wash the floor before we could load it. The Uhaul rep who checked us out was very friendly. Aside from that, the quality and condition of the truck was FAR inferior to what I've come to expect from Uhaul, and I will think twice before renting from Uhaul again!


PLEASE NOTE -- This commentary has NOTHING to do with the location and/or business where we ended up picking up the truck - they were fabulous. This review is ONLY about the ONLINE REGISTRATION PROCESS. On February 14, we made an online reservation after speaking with the owner of another business (Detail Science) in Clermont, GA about reserving the 10' truck he had in his lot near our house. We reserved that truck for Monday the 21st, received an email confirmation, and printed it out. On Thursday the 17th, late in the day, we received a call from a female UHaul representative who was trying to change our reservation to Dahlonega, GA (30 minutes or more away from our home) because there was "no 10' truck at the business location in Clermont". We proceeded to tell her that we had just seen it earlier that day and had spoken with the owner. She was extremely rude and argued with us, finally conceding that we could have the 20' truck on his lot instead. We in turn told her we would expect to receive that bigger truck at the same price as the 10' -- she argued that she had "no corporate authority" to do that, but she could issue a $50 reservation guarantee instead. But she was still adamant that she would prefer we pick up the 10' truck in Dahlonega. Then she tried to get us to pick it up in Gainesville, while we were looking at the map, telling us the location was one place when we could clearly see it was further away! She simply continued to be very argumentative, was terse with us and hung up in the middle of our closing conversation as we were trying to thank her for at least conceding the $50 credit. On Friday, we called the owner of the business to make sure the 20' truck was there, and wouldn't you know it, in the meantime, someone had DOUBLE-BOOKED that truck and they had already picked it up! He spoke to a manager for his region at UHaul who was supposed to call us back -- and never did. So we took it upon ourselves to handle the situation and spoke with a VERY excellent customer service representative named KATRINA (please look at your phone registers that evening and give her a commendation) who was incensed at the fact that the previous agent had been so rude. She found a second location a couple miles from our home in the opposite direction (which, by the way, the previous agent hadn't even mentioned!), and got the business taken care of. This business owner was pleasant and easy to deal with. We've never had so much difficulty with UHaul and don't understand really what happened, but we would like to request that we be refunded the entire cost of this rental or, at the very least, an additional discount based on Mr. Cash's military service in Vietnam, which the manager at the final location told us was available but was never offered to us. We thank you for your consideration of this review, and we pray this doesn't happen to anyone else. We find that the convenience, selection, and affordability of UHaul rental assistance typically far exceeds anything offered by any other similar service, and want to emphasize this was a one-time occurrence for us.

Russell C. 
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