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Fraser D. en


Sketchy location but the people were helpful

Jeff R. en


There is a REAL UHaul location a couple of blocks away from here. They had a dozen trucks on the lot, a mechanic and two other staff on duty. Why wouldn't UHaul direct us to drop the truck here? Big Bear is a corner store with a metal box on the outside of the building to drop your keys into. There's nobody on site to help you. There were a bunch of guys in cars/on motorcycles hanging out in the parking lot pulling in and out driving up and down the street when I dropped the truck. If my daughter and wife had been dropping off the truck they would have been pretty uncomfortable.

lorna M. en


El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Ian T. en


Have the right truck and the right place to pick up the truck 3 places and didn't even get the truck I ordered but thanks to Casey he made my day a lot better

Allan D. en


Upon our arrival, I showed the desk clerk the order number and he seemed to have no idea. He kept looking at his phone and trying to call a number that was busy. He asked me if the phone number I had written beside the order number was mine when in fact it was his store phone number. He gave me the key to a Truck without asking me for my license or any identification. He came out to the Truck and took a picture of the dashboard information with his Cellular Phone.. When we came back with the Truck he simply took the key back and wouldn't come out to look at the Truck. We also wondered if there wasn't a bit of a language barrier. We would never go back there.

Matt M. en


The people at Big Bear were not familiar with how to rent the vehicle. I didn't get a receipt or any documentation coming or going but was told it is 'all online'. I didn't feel safe leaving my car the lot (to pick up a couple hours later) and the store worker didn't give me any assurances. The vehicle itself stunk like someone had poured incense to cover the smell of smoke. In a major rainstorm, the wiper blade flew off on the highway twice and I had to retrieve it. The steering and gear shifting did not see right as well especially on the highway. I didn't feel safe at all. I rent often and this was my worse experience ever and can't believe I have to pay for the service.

Scott B. en


Pickup location changed twice, forcing me to bus to the other side of town after I requested the location closest to me UHaul added 50km for the inconvenience, then attempted to charge me for them Truck was not cleaned/readied Wiper blade was broken After filling everything out online, it still took an hour to get the truck. Only 1/4 of a tank of gas was in the truck

Helen R. en


Poorly trained staff let me leave the store without completing proper paperwork. They also requested I wait until 11am bc the store owner wasn't there. I needed the truck for 9am. When I dropped it off the person working didn't know how to handle the returnand I stood waiting for 15 min while.he tried to figure it out and eventually told me to just go ahead and leave. I later received an email from Uhail stating I didn't return the truck. I called the store and he told me that he will get to it when he can and not to worry about it. They shouldn't be renting vehicles. Poor experience during the stressful time of moving.

Marco M. en


Have the person working, the hour the truck is supposed to be dropped off.