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Taylor W. en


I don’t usually fill these things out but this was a miserable experience. When we went to get the uhaul we were given a code for a lock box. The key was not in the lock box. I had to go back the next morning and there is no office. A gentleman from another business saw us waiting and knew who to call. I was told they would be there in 5 min. 45 min later a lady shows up. When they finally realize the key is in the drop box (to which she does not have a key for) I am told she needs to go get the key and will be back in 5 min. I am left to sit on a curb with no shade for ANOTHER hour. (My ride was already an hour late for work and I sent him on. I specifically reminded the attendant that she needed to change the pick up time because the system thought I had picked it up the night before. She said she would take care of it. She did not. I was still charged for an extra day. I then had to spend 40 min on hold trying to get someone to answer the phone. On a positive note the rep was apologetic and helpful processing the refund. I probably wouldn’t have been so frustrated had I at least received a “hey, I’m sorry this got messed up” in the beginning. Instead they all acted like this was my fault.

Charles R. en


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