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robert b. en


One of the most terrifying & worst customer experiences I've ever had !!! A man turned in and lowered his window and said "Give me the key!" - I hadn't even fully returned the vehicle. It was late and quite a nervy encounter. On to of that, the key return box was wrapped in film & I had to break it to put the key in. The box was very unsecure, both security & stabilty wise. An awful location & experience.

leslie r. en


The service was terrible at this location. The vendor was not even present when I arrived to pick up the van. I called him and he directed me to a lock box, gave me to code to retrieve the key for the van, and that I could just take the van. There was no contract and no opportunity for me to record any damage that may have been present on the van. When I returned the vehicle, that is when he set up the contract and took my personal information. He insisted on doing this on his mobile phone rather than on the computer and it wasted a lot of my time. This person does not conduct business properly and I will NEVER rent a vehicle at this location again and I will tell everyone I know not to as well. VERY dissatisfied and disappointed with this experience. Been using u-haul for years and this is the first time I’ve ever experienced this kind of poor service.

Leah H. en


Thought this was going to be an easy pick up but it turned into a nightmare. While the U haul was there not a single person was when I went to get the key. I waited for over an hour and tried talking to customer service twice before finally having the owner show up. It made me late to getting my stuff and I had to rush to get the U haul back as the business closed at 9. Even dropping off the key was a nightmare as the drop off box was inside the business and they had locked the doors so I couldn’t even deliver the key. Again finally someone showed up for me to drop it off. I did not like how It was handled by Uhaul and I will Not be renting one again. Reliable business locations with organization should be a must.

Georgina A. en


I had the worst rental experience of my life at this location and would recommend avoiding at all costs. The employee who greeted me at the door (I don’t know his name or position) was incredibly unprofessional. He was sexually harassing me by repeatedly asking about a boyfriend, repeatedly calling me beautiful, and just generally making me feel very uncomfortable. I believe he was drunk. He did not issue me a contract as is required by the company. He just gave me the key without getting my ID or doing any paperwork. I asked about this and he said it wasn’t necessary since I reserved online. Instead, I took pictures of the odometer on my phone before and after. When I got to the van it was filthy and had a nearly empty gas tank. I was supposed to pay only for mileage, not gas. So, I went back into the store and he said we would have to drive to the gas station. I was hesitant to do this, but I didn’t really see any better options as I was in a hurry. I drove with him in the passenger’s seat and he kept telling me to relax and coaching me on how to drive. I have been driving for 13 years and I don’t need unsolicited lessons from an impaired stranger. Again, he was making various inappropriate comments towards me that I don’t think he would have made if I were not a young woman. When we got there, he insisted that I pay for the gas. I refused and said this had gone too far and I was calling customer service. That made him change his mind and he agreed to pay. So, he put $20 of premium gas in the van and went inside the gas station to pay. It took a long time for him to come out so I went inside to see what was going on. He had bought lottery tickets (!!!) but didn’t have enough money to pay for the gas. The gas station attendant mentioned that he thought the man was drunk and that he had seen this man before crash a vehicle into the gas station wall. I paid for the gas, drove him back to the rental place and went to go do my move. When I came to return the vehicle, the store was closed and the drop-box was locked inside the store. I banged on the door and he came out of a backroom having clearly just woken up (it was 8:30pm). I went with a friend who is a man which seemed to deter any of the types of comments that he was making before. I would caution anyone against renting here, but especially young women as he put me in an incredibly uncomfortable situation.

stephen g. en


Van was provided with less than an eighth of a tank of gas and no windshield wiper fluid. Additionally the location was very difficult to find and overall it was a bad experience. I asked four times on the phone to reserve a vehicle at the Coventry location and still was given a reservation elsewhere.

Benjamin M. en


I will be calling for a partial refund due to the terrible service at the pickup location. - the business owner was not there and the store was locked when I arrived at 9 am. When I called, he told me he thought my appointment was at noon. While processing paperwork he repeated that he forgot I was at 9am. - he rushed to the store to meet me and was unfamiliar with the systems, making me 30 minutes late for the movers who were waiting at my apartment. - he did not have the furniture dolly I booked and was also missing 6 blankets. He did not understand my order summary so I had to sit next to him and help him remove the charge for the dolly. - he told me the paperwork could take a while so he asked if he could take a picture of my credit card with his phone to run it later.

leanna c. en


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Adam J. en


Owner wasn't there. Had to call customer support twice. They called him and he showed up 45 minutes late. Didn't know how to work his software and took another 15 minutes to get truck. Overcharged me for fuel when I left it the same as what I received the truck in. Was my first time using U-haul and I will go with Discount from now on.