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Testimonios de clientes recientes de 5 Point Wireless


I'm experience was good overall

Shanel Y.

The Customer Service Rep. was very polite, but did not no how to process my paperwork. I hired movers that get paid by the hour. He held me up in the store for an hour and 20 min before the rental, and another half hour after the rental. He had to call someone else to walk him through step by step speaking in his language. Both of them working together were unable to process the reservation. Finally; I completed the process online with my phone. When I returned to return the vehicle, he was not there. The store was closed during its normal operational hours. The lock box was broken, so I could not just leave the vehicle. I tried to process online but the U-Haul system kept shutting down. The guy finally appeared outside and I handed him the keys. The shenanigans at this U-Haul location cost me an additional $300.00 to the movers that were hired. For all those reasons;NEVER AGAIN!!

Laurence C.

The location was not open until 10:00 AM. The owner was late and that there was no backup. The truck had less that 1/8 of a tank of gas. The owner could not provide a receipt because his printer was out of paper.

Kristen K.

Slow to process even though I had already did the express check in and prepaid.

James G.

Clean the ashtray and windshield. Count and fold the blankets. Put up better signage. repave the parking lot. Move to a better location.

Scott K.

See previous comments. Bad place to just leave a vehicle.

Nancy S.

I was charged for items to didn't consent too!

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