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Dyani M. en


No lock box code was given. Needed to call customer service. Went through mobile verification 3x and customer service still needed to verify manually. Took 30 minutes to get truck making me late for my furniture pickup. Took picture of gas tank at beginning of rental and gas was the same level at the end yet still charged extra. Completely dissatisfied.

Samila N. en


I’m only giving 4 stars because I went to a location 1700 S 4th St Allentown, where it took almost 30 minutes just to find the truck because it’s all the way behind a mini mall with no signs to direct you to the U-Haul so I was already pissed but that’s not even the worst part when it was time to get the key , their was no key inside the box ! I wasted 50 minutes of my time trying to locate the truck then a key that was never there ! After contacting customer service the lady advised me that I can go to another location that wasn’t too far which is this 43 2nd st location and everything was great , The truck was easy to locate , right in a parking lot where you can see the truck as soon as you reach 2nd street, the key was exactly where the U-Haul app said it would be , the truck was clean , tank on half . I had no issues at all with this location . I would definitely rent from here over and over again !

Allison T. en


The pick up location was in a very seedy part of town. I would not be comfortable picking up and/or dropping off there at night. I am very displeased that this was the location we were forced to use. We had picked a location we knew and were comfortable with. I understand that the truck requested wasn't available but that doesn't excuse the poor choice we were given. We rushed to get out of the parking lot because we felt so unsafe in the area thus, I feel we were not able to adequately inspect the truck for all possible damage. The place itself looked like an abandoned chop shop.